iPedago EVOLUTION is a platform for enhanced teamwork and real-time project development.
A workplace hub that ignites collaboration.

All through a single, shared interface.

“iPedago EVOLUTION is the most complete and flexible collaborative app that I’ve seen—in either business or the academic sector. I’d recommend it highly to anyone in the areas of knowledge management, project development or learning.”


Peter A. Usinger, Former President, Association of Florida Colleges









“My files are scattered in five different storage areas. My team members use different collaboration tools and a mass of external applications. I need a simple way to put everything in one place.”

“iPedago EVOLUTION is one of the few great collaborative solutions for business and public sector applications because of the way that it allows you to effectively harvest and share knowledge in a simple yet effective way. Too often collaborative tools end up being a poorly organized jumble of opinions and complaints. EVOLUTION on the other hand, allows real work to be done regardless of where the team members are located.”

Graham Westwood, CEO, Smashblock


iPedago EVOLUTION offers


High-powered collaboration features for everything from project development to research and eLearning. 
All through a single elegant interface.

• Learn the basics in less than an hour.
• No IT setup. It’s all in the Cloud and ready to go.
• Keep and use all the apps you already depend on: Office, Dropbox, Google docs …
• Expand easily into eLearning, research, e-publishing and more


It’s not just talk. It’s collaboration magnified.

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