The Flipped Textbook

  “The old-fashioned research paper may now appear as a vibrant collection of links woven together with text describing the topic being researched. And the traditional textbook is being transformed as teachers assign students to write their own textbooks online.”   William Kist, New Literacies and the Common Core, Educational Leadership, March 2013   If you’re from my generation (think

The Flipped Classroom

Technology Is Standing Education On Its Head Before arriving at a consulting career in instructional technology, I worked for eight years in education. I had earned a Master’s degree which landed me a whopping starting salary of $8,000 a year. Eight years later I was up to $15,000 a year. While the trending was moving in

From Collectors to Learners

Two years ago I sat grappling with a personal dilemma. I was trying to learn a glacier-sized piece of technology in the bits of free time in my daily routine. The situation wasn’t hopeless, but somewhat daunting. I had to admit to myself that in spite of a career as a “learning technologist,” I was