a full-featured cloud environment
that redefines collaboration
and collective work

This (iPedago EVOLUTION) was of exceptional value as a tool for organization, research, and communication during several technical writing stages. I’d say its chief values are that any number of people can easily access and make edits, and reorganize complex projects at the same time — and the built-in summarization tool, which is an extremely useful feature that could be its own separate program.


Jay Cutts, Director, Cutts Graduate Reviews; Lead Author, Barron’s MCAT and LSAT Prep Books

  The EVOLUTION workspace. One single shared interface that does almost everything.

  Simultaneous access: Your whole team working in real time.

  Email blast: Send alerts or notices to your group in two clicks.

  Message board: Instant message your team at any time.

  Chat: You know what it is. Every single project you make has its own–automatically.

  Discussion board: Threaded discussions at any length. And every project has one.

  Export: Goodbye to email. Export copies your projects to your team–or anyone-in seconds.

  File Sharing: Upload 50 gigs that team members can download, share, even link to.

  Integration: Link to anything with a URL and it’s part of your project.

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