How Does EVOLUTION Work?


The WorkSpace

1. You login to either your personal workspace, or a shared team workspace. The group space has Email Blast and Instant Messaging already onboard. Communication begins.


Dashboard - Group One

Create a Project

2. You create a “project” with a click or two, and name it. It comes into existence with a dedicated Chat and Discussion Board. You can begin communicating at any time.


Project One

Create Documents

3. You create a document in a window like a word processor. You upload or enter text, images, tables, links—even video.





4. Your teammates are also logged in and have access to the same documents. You can work separately or together. In real time.





5. You create as many additional documents as you like, organizing your documents in a hierarchy, reorganizing as you work, just by dragging. There are no limits.


Nodes 2


Annotate and Comment

6. You add comments or annotations into the Expansion Window. Every single document has one. And it has no size limit.


Workspace 2

Summarize Instantly

7. You create an instant “intelligent” summary of your text with a click, and add it to the project.


Summary 1

Link and Connect Content

8. You interconnect your documents (we call them “nodes”) with links. You expand your project like a website. You use links to create a table of contents, subject index, etc. You can even interconnect your projects.



Employ an array of tools

9. You employ an array of features like bookmarks, highlights, web links, tables, slides, instant definitions, glossary, project notes, and quizzes. Your document becomes a robust learning object. Like an eBook, slide show, or course.



Upload and store files

10. You upload files of any kind — up to 50 gigabytes—and share them with your team. You link them so others can open them with a click.


Current Usage

Export and Edit

11. You “export” your project to any team member, group workspace—or to any EVOLUTION user, anywhere. They receive the export in seconds (it’s not email.) They now have a copy of your project and can work on it and pass it along.


Dashboard - Group One 2

Export Read Only

12. Or you export your project in “Read Only” mode. You share it instantly with one, ten, one thousand others. You maintain control. Your changes automatically update their version. They can read it, but cannot change it. You become a publisher.




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