EVOLUTION compared with Google Docs

 iPedago EVOLUTION Google Docs
Primary focusCollaborative project development, learning, knowledge management and creativity. Eight separate collaborative features create a rich communication platform.Collaboration with a wide variety of technical features.
Document sharingUsers share with all members of a group, or selected individual members, or other groups, with a simple “export” feature.Users are required to share with all members of an invited group using email invitations.
Simultaneous work Users can work on separate documents on the same screen at one time.Users can work in only one document on the screen at one time.
ChangesUsers can choose which team members receive automatic document changes. Users can also control whether or not changes affect only local documents or distributed documents.Changes in documents are seen by all invited users.
ChatFull-fledged chat with avatars. Chat is independent of any specific document so user can chat about any documents in a project.Chat is text only (no avatars) and is attached to only a single document.
Protection“Lock out” protects a document until the original user is ready to release it or is not actively engaged. Users can work simultaneously, but one user can delete text created by others.
VideoUser can link to a video or embed a video so it plays directly in a document.Users can only link to a video.
SecurityAll projects are hosted on secure Amazon servers. iPedago LLC does not have access to your content. Google's terms of service give them "worldwide, royalty-free, and non-exclusive license to reproduce, adapt, modify, translate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute any content which you submit.”
AdvertisingNone.Google’s revenue is advertising-driven.
CopyingUsers copy a document with a simple right-click operation. The copy is visible on your screen below the original.You copy by creating a new document with a new name.
InterfaceA three window interface allows for self-organization, creating, and annotation as you work.Standard Microsoft document interface.
Storage50 gigabytes per user; another 50 gigabytes per group.5 gigabytes per user.
Content ManagementProjects are displayed on a clean, simple dashboard that allows for sorting and searching. Searches operate across multiple projects and multiple documents. Content is self-organizing.Unstructured. Users must create their own folders and organize their documents to make them accessible.
SearchEight different types of text search at both the project and document level. Users can search within only a single document.
EditingSimple, intuitive “in document” editing.User must learn a variety of editing tools.
LinksLink to URLs, bookmarks, other documents or files in File Manager. EVOLUTION can integrate any Google doc through a simple link. Link to URLs or bookmarks.
DefinitionsUser can add instant pop-up definitions that automatically build a glossary for other users.User can find definitions for a given word through a built-in search feature.
File ManagerUsers can upload files of any kind into a 50 gig. storage area where they can download, preview, and sort documents. Stored documents can be opened through links in the main (editing) window. X
DiscussionsEach project creates a dedicated threaded discussion board. X
Message BoardEach group has a Skype-like instant message board. X
Email BlastGroup users can send a one-way email announcement to all group members. X
SummarizationA built-in tool that creates instant summaries from your highlights—with filters for both tags and priorities. X
ExportUsers can share documents instantly by exporting to personal or group accounts – and in a variety of “modes” such as “read only” or “read + write.” Read-only Export makes an eBook publishing feature. X
Self-organizationUser can reorganize “nodes” (whole documents or segments of a single document) by simple dragging. X
Project NotesUsers can add unlimited project notes in a separate pop-out window. X
Expansion WindowAn expansion window (unlimited side-bar annotation) appears with every “node” or segment of a project. X
QuizzesEvery project contains a robust quiz-maker with four types of questions. X
Reader ModeProject documents can be viewed using a “reader” that converts a project into a slide show. X
ConvertibilityProjects can be repurposed as training programs, eBooks, or knowledge management systems. X