Knowledge Management

iPedago EVOLUTION is a robust knowledge manager for the small to mid-sized organization. It offers huge capacity and a streamlined interface for knowledge capture, analysis, expansion, and sharing.

“iPedago EVOLUTION is an excellent solution for any mid-sized organization needing rapid access and response to substantial data. We were able to apply it to our operations manual with virtually no external technical support. I strongly recommend it.”


George Fosque, Former 911 Director, City of Cambridge, Massachusetts

  Index or organize everything with ease. As simple as word processing.

  Reorganize at will with a unique click-and-drag control.

  Integrate any kind of application through simple linking.

  50 gig storage personal. 50 more for Groups

  Find anything, anywhere using at least eight types of search.

  Augment documents with definitions, highlights, glossaries, and bookmarks.

  Embed images, tables, and video to enhance communication.

  Create “one-click” summaries using iPedago’s patent-pending technology.

  Share everything using unique workspace features like “project export.”

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