Project Development

“I work online with teams in different countries and different time zones. iPedago EVOLUTION has become an essential tool in helping my group collaborate on client requirements. I think it will be adopted enthusiastically by both smaller companies and remote work teams across the globe.”


Susan Daniels, Partner, Website Developer, Media Point Design

  Multi-Level Permissions. Create Groups and Projects and invite team members as appropriate.

  Simultaneous access: Your whole team working in real time.

 One-Click Reorganization: Simple click-and-drag organization and reorganization

  Message board: Instant message your team at any time.

  Chat: You know what it is. Every single project you make has its own–automatically.

  Discussion board: Threaded discussions at any length. And every project has one.

  Export: Goodbye to email. Export copies your projects to your team–or anyone-in seconds.

  File Sharing: Upload 50 gigs that team members can download, share, even link to.

  Integration: Link to anything with a URL and it’s part of your project.

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