The EVOLUTION Difference

There is no shortage of collaborative solutions in the Cloud.

What they do is help you talk.  That is, collaboration is defined as communication.


EVOLUTION also offers many ways to communicate. But these are just the table stakes, the point of departure. We see real collaboration as a grander proposition.

Our unique offering is a new kind of workspace, one that comes loaded with possibilities. A kind of “self-organizing collaborative platform with built-in creative and analytic features.” Something that really does support collaboration, project development, and knowledge management through a single interface.

It’s an interface that can be used by a new hire or a senior research professional. That can flex from a personal organizer to a searchable corporate archive.  That supports collaboration not only through communication, but by creating a real-time workspace that can be shared and exchanged.  And even published.

And it’s the focus:

EVOLUTION is about projects. It’s not just talk.  It’s serious.
When you create a project, all of these pop into existence, and stay onboard:

  A project workspace

  An instant organizer


  Discussion Board

  Project Notes

  Highlight Manager

  Instant Definitions

  Instant Glossary

  Instant Summarizer

  Bookmark Manager

  Five types of text search

  The Reader

And everything is shared with your team in any way you want to share.

It’s not just talk. It’s collaboration magnified by capacity. Without limit.

I found EVOLUTION to be a powerful solution, especially in terms of my personal productivity (my key interest). The main difference is its ability to integrate the functionality of other well-known platforms within a user-friendly interface.  It also has an amazing set of attractive features that I haven’t seen anywhere else. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to collaborate with clients or colleagues in a way that is intuitive and effective. 

 Bruce Wayne McLellan, Founder & President, Aperçu Coaching

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